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"Remodeling the world one laugh at a time."

Paul Seaburn earned the title "The Humor Handyman" by writing clean, funny comedy material for any and all humor users, from television (Taylor’s Attic, The Tonight Show, Politically Incorrect, Comic Strip Live) to radio (12th Street Jump, American Comedy Network) to newspapers and web sites (New York Times, HuffingtonPost.com, Capitalist banter, FoodVu) to magazines (Why Not, PoolSearch, SpaSearch, Old Trout, YoungBiz, Opportunity, Slick Times) to comedians (Joan Rivers, Richard Jeni, George Wallace, Wayne Cotter, many others) to cartoons (Fast Alli) to public speakers, advertising, joke books and anything in between. He is the author of "Jestercises & Gamestorms," a humor workbook for kids, and the co-author of “A Wife's Little Instruction Book,” a hilarious look at women, men and marriage. Paul has recently co-authored trivia books (The Extraordinary Book of Lists, Uncle John's Certified Organic Bathroom Reader), puzzle books (Brain Games) and a series of captioned picture books including “50 Uses For Your Cat,” “Tales From The Teacher’s Lounge,” “Church Chuckles” and “Grandmas Rule!” For a complete list, click on “Books.”

Paul is currently the head writer for 12th Street Jump, a weekly jazz, blues and comedy show broadcast on public radio station KCUR in Kansas City and archived at kcur.com. Prior to that, he was the head writer and song lyricist on the Emmy Award-winning Taylor’s Attic, a fun-filled family show for kids of all ages starring Taylor Mason and his hilarious puppets. Taylor's Attic won a TELLY Award, is currently broadcast on a number of stations worldwide and is available on DVD - check www.taylorsattic.com for more info and samples of some great music videos.

For daily laughs as Paul skews the news, check out his blog: TopicalRub. Paul also writes a business humor column for Why Not Magazine, an international business publication. Prior to these, he provided humorous looks at the world of business and finance for CapitalistBanter.com and fun takes on food for FoodVu.com, where he also wrote scripts for FN Crazy, hosted by the hilarious Sarah East. 

Are you looking for funny content, essays or fillers for your publication, blog or web site? Are you a professional speaker looking to add humor to your presentation or workshop, Do you need scripts for Web videos, sitcoms or films? Drop him a description of your needs in "Writing Services" for a quote.