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How did a high school computer geek, math major, high tech analyst, sales rep, manager and trainer become The Humor Handyman? Sixteen years of Catholic education, good comedy genes and an understanding wife all helped. While working in the computer business (including ten years at Tandem Computers, the best computer company ever), Paul discovered a knack for creating funny stuff to add to presentations, videos and training programs. As a hobby, he performed stand-up comedy, but his love of writing and a large mortgage payment kept him from going on the road. Instead, he began writing for comedians and quickly moved up to contributing jokes to Jay Leno’s Tonight Show monologues.

That’s where his wife Donna became 'really' understanding. Paul left the computer business and went into writing comedy full time, adding more comedians and expanding into radio comedy, song parodies, magazine articles, punching up speeches, joke books, advertising, cartoons and everything funny in between. He co-authored ‘A Wife’s Little Instruction Book’ with Diana Jordan and captioned an on-going series of funny picture books for Publications International, including ‘50 Uses For Your Dog,’ ‘50 Uses For Your Cat,’ ‘Overheard in the Teacher’s Lounge,’ ‘Church Chuckles,’ ‘Church Chuckles Daily Calendar,’ ‘Grandma Rules!,’ ‘All Dressed Up and No Place to Go,’ ‘Girlfriends,’ ‘Have A Nice Day’ and ‘Horses.’ Paul is also the co-author of ‘Super Brain Builders,’ Science, Math & Reading Activities’ and the 'Brain Builders' series published by Publications International.

At the request of budding comedians in Houston and throughout Texas, Paul has conducted numerous workshops on comedy writing. These classes became the foundation for a program he developed for gifted children in the Clear Creek (Texas) school district called “Creative Thinking Through Comedy.” “Jestercises & Gamestorms,” his workbook for the classes, is published by Pieces of Learning and available at their web site, www.piecesoflearning.com. For info on obtaining copies of all of Paul’s books, click on “Books.”

One of the first performers Paul wrote for is the multi-talented ventriloquist/musician/comedian Taylor Mason. Their biggest collaboration is "Taylor’s Attic," a family comedy show starring Taylor and his wild cast of puppets. Paul is the head writer and music lyricist for the show, which is stuffed with laughs and original songs for kids of all ages. Look for DVDs at http://www.amazon.com and at Christian bookstores nationwide.