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A Wife's Little Instruction Book: Your Survival Guide to Marriage Without Bloodshed is a hilarious guide to surviving marriage. It's filled with advice for both women and men, like "Never marry a man who refers to the rehearsal dinner as 'The Last Supper'." It's an international hit that's been published in England, Poland, China and Turkey. Perfect for wedding gifts, showers, divorces and any type of relationship in between. Written with comedienne Diana Jordan. This book is available at www.amazon.com.

Humor and laughter are great ways to reduce stress, stimulate creativity and feel better. Humor is a tremendous tool for teaching, and joke telling is a great way for a child to develop self-esteem and feel comfortable speaking to others. Kids want to learn about all kinds of jokes. Jestercises and Gamestorms provides warm-ups with Brainstorming Games, Exercises showing how to write a particular kind of joke, and Tips in the art of joke telling. Jestercises and Gamestorms uses content area subjects that help students learn more than just joke writing. The All-American Knock Knocks use the names of the presidents; the All-American Limericks use the names of local cities. The Wacky Definitions can use mathematical terms. Give Me A Sentence can use science terms. Many of the Gamestorms use geography and the alphabet. The Jestercises and Gamestorms help make writing fun in the language arts classroom. Just using the Jestercises and Gamestorms as fun breaks will help bring laughter to your classroom. Finally, there’s only one greater thrill than getting another person to laugh . . . it’s laughing with your kids. This book is available at www.piecesoflearning.com.

Paul is the co-author of a series of hilarious captioned picture books from Publications International, Ltd. The titles include:
Tales From the Teachers' Lounge
50 Uses For Your Dog
50 Uses For Your Cat
Church Chuckles
Church Chuckles Calendar
Dogs Dressed Up
The Truth About Grandmas!
Fish Tails
From The Horse's Mouth
Toasts For Any Occasion
Holy Humor

These books are available at fine and not-so-fine book and gift stores, www.amazon.com and from the publisher.

Also for Publications International, Paul has contributed to a series of learning and puzzle books. The titles include:
Brain Games
Puzzle Power: Quizzes and Puzzles
Super Brain Builders
Science, Math and Reading Activities

These books are available at bookstores and from the publisher.